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The airway has a direct impact on our health and development of the entire body.

What is AirwayCentric® Dentistry? 

Looking beyond the teeth, to the nose, throat, muscles of the tongue, face, neck and beyond to the rest of the body. Our entire system is connected. We are resorting more than optimal health and function to each patient.

Compromised airways can be expressed as mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea as early as in the first year of a life. As adults, narrowed airways can lead to sleep disordered breathing.

Airway enhancement can be achieved with the treatment of allergies, adenotonsillectomy, palatal expansion and mandibular advancement, as well as myofunctional therapy and occupational therapy. Breastfeeding also enhances airway development and immune system development, resulting in smaller tonsils and adenoids. AirwayCentric® Orthodontics is non-retractive and builds the face and teeth around an open airway.

Airway Dentistry

Whole Body Connection: It's all interconnected.

The Lost Art of Breathing by James Nestor at Float Conference

The right treatment and team allows a patient to reach their full genetic potential. 

We all have genes our parents passed on to us, buts it is epigenetics that makes us who we are. That means the environment affects our genes.

Author James Nestor, does a fantastic job at explaining in depth the importance of breathing and how epigenetics determines our health outcome and facial development. This wonderful author  wrote a book called Breath (The science of a lost art). He interviewed only the best in the field, these experts have been mentoring me. He explains the our faces have changed over time. Start video at 4:29.

"Mouth Breathers" 😬

James Nestor was also interviewed by Joe Rogan explaining why being a "mouth breather" is bad for you. Watch the conversation here:

Compromised Airway vs. Developed Airway

Compromised vs Developed Airway
The image above is a diagram showing the difference between a compromised airway and a fully developed airway. Having a developed airway or correcting an underdeveloped airway is critical to reaching one's full potential in health.



What Are The Risks of Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) for My Child?

  • Sleep is a critical part of your child's development. 
  • Sleep is critical to your child’s development, as it is during this time when the body grows, restores itself and the brain develops.
  • This area of the brain is responsible for complex cognitive behavior, personality, decision making, and moderating social behaviour.
  • SDB disrupts the balance of various cellular and chemical functions, and can cause implications for your child.
  • SDB or a blocked airway during sleep, decreases oxygen levels in the bloodstream and increases carbon dioxide levels in the front of the brain.


The Effects of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Behavioural and Emotional Issues:

Airway Centric DentistryIn a large-scale study of more than 11,000 children, kids with SDB were significantly more likely to exhibit behavioural and emotional problems, including hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, social issues with peers, and conduct problems (aggressiveness) ¹.

Children who exhibit aggressive or bullying behavior in school were twice as likely to have some form of SDB.

Cognitive and Learning Problems:

Airway Centric DentistryChildren with sleep-disordered breathing were 40% to 100% more likely to develop neuro-behavioural problems by age 7.

Difficulties include executive functioning (ability to pay attention, plan ahead, organize, etc.), an inability to suppress behaviour, and the inability to self-regulate emotion or arousal.


Airway Centric DentistryChildren who are not having full sleeps may not produce enough growth hormone, which can result in abnormally slow growth and development.


Airway Centric DentistryDisrupted sleep can cause increased nighttime urine production which may lead to bedwetting.


Airway Centric DentistrySDB and interrupted sleep has been linked to obesity.

The disruptions may cause the body to have increased resistance to insulin, or cause daytime fatigue which decrease you child’s physical activity.


Airway Centric DentistryChildren may also experience an increased risk of high blood pressure or other heart and lung problems.

Pay attention to your child’s breathing during sleep. Do they snore? Are they mouth breathers?


Dr. Johal’s uses a multidisciplinary approach to treating airway health. There is no cookie cutter system that works for everyone. She is trained to used many different AirwayCentric® appliances, homoblock, Invisalign, Myobrace, Myo Munchee, Biobloc, Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance.

In addition, treating the airway treats TMJ and Sleep issues.

Maximize Health

Multidisciplinary approach to treating airway development for optimal results for your health.

Better Sleep

AirwayCentric® Dentistry can improve sleep and overall energy.

Eliminate Pain

Better airway development can correct chronic issues such as TMJ.

Life Long Benefits

A custom plan will benefit multiple areas of your entire life.

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