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Complete and Safe Dental Care for Your Children

What Does My Child Need In A Dentist? 

From birth through school age years, these are the foundation years for children. What they eat and how they sit and sleep, will affect their teeth, facial development, speech and cognitive development. 80% of the cranial development occurs by age 6. As parents, we want what is best for our children in every way possible, so a great dentist will not only listen to your needs, they will also observe key developmental milestones so that any potential problems can be detected at its earliest stage. This way, it is addressed before the problem occurs. 
For example, early detection for tongue and/or lip tie can be determined as early as the first day they are born. This will make the difference in eliminating any potential pain or inability to breastfeed. As a result, this could have a direct impact on the child's long term immune system and overall health.
Airway development, breathing, nutrition, posture, and sleep are all critical aspects that we specialize in here at Family Dental Centre. 
Pediatric Dentistry Guelph



"Nutrition and proper feeding through the mouth is the key to healthy infant development."

Pediatric Dentistry Guelph Breastfeeding

Starting with pregnancy, what you eat affects both the teeth and structural development in the fetus. Nutrition helps with stronger teeth, facial development, and larger airways.

Once your baby is born, one of the common problems in infants that often goes undetected or undiagnosed is a tongue and/or lip tie. This is a condition that can cause you baby pain or prevent them from breastfeeding properly.

Dr. Johal is certified to perform laser surgery by the American Board of Laser Surgery. She has performed hundreds of functional tongue tie releases and is training others on this amazing procedure to help more patients.

Having the tongue in the correct position allows for optimal facial growth and allows for proper nasal breathing.

Dr. Johal used Co2 laser by Light Scalpel, for painless and quick release. She was the first one to buy this amazing laser, that does not cause any bleeding or burning like other lasers on the market. She released her own two boys with the same laser, at the ages of 4 and 6.

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Children Age 1-6

"Addressing critical issues and forming good habits at a young age can make a difference that will last a life time."

Pediatric Dentistry GuelphThese are the foundation years, what they eat and how they sit and sleep, will affect their teeth, facial development, speech and cognitive development. 80% of the cranial development occurs by age 6.
From the nutrition habits to sleep, these are vital aspects connected to their dental health in which Dr. Johal is specially trained.
As children are not able to brush their own teeth, being informed as parents on the safest methods and tools is vital to the health of your children's teeth. Regular dentist visits will ensure that they are given the care that they need. 
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3. Age 7+

 "Continuing education and good oral hygiene at home promotes better choices and overall health."

Saliva Bacteria Analysis with Microscope

Education is especially popular among older children and teenagers. Children and teens love to see the bacteria and understand the harm these bacteria are doing, this can help improve oral hygiene at home. 

In addition to regular cleaning visits, orthodontic work, pain, postural correction, or any specialty needs, Shannon loves working with our dental family's children to show them how to view the bacteria in their saliva and help them learn more about the importance of having good dental health.

Minimally Invasive

Based on precision: releasing the appropriate extent of tissue for maximal relief.

No Tissue Damage

No tissue damage is involved in the procedure.

Improve Feeding

Babies will be able to breastfeed properly.

Life Long Benefits

This procedure will benefit multiple areas of your entire life.