Dr. Mandeep Johal

Dr Mandeep Johal

Dr. Mandeep Johal


Whole-body wellness begins with the mouth. Holistic dentistry includes treating underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth, while ensuring that work done on the mouth does not have an adverse effect on overall health.

Dr. Johal treats families with expertise in breathing, facial development, nutrition, dental/postural connection, and tongue ties. She also has additional training in infant and childhood dental and airway development.


Dr. Johal was born and raised, in Toronto. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry in 2010.

Her curiosity of the her son’s crowded teeth at the age of 3 led her to learn more about tongue ties, oral myofunctional therapy, airway dentistry, sleep dentistry, nutrition,TMJ and orthotropics, science of Facial Growth Guidance, and Holistic Dentistry. What she discovered was that it is all connected. 

She is certified to perform laser surgery by the American Board of Laser Surgery. She is also a member of the International consortium of Oral Anklyofrenula Professionals and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. In addition, as a AAPMD airway Colab Chapter President for Toronto, is building relationships with the community and collaborating with other long time and emerging leaders in the field. This has allowed her to build a collaborative approach on how she treats her patients. She is feels very privileged to be apart of the Well.ca family as their online Dentist. 

She feels fortunate to go to work happy everyday knowing she is changing people lives for the better, they can breathe better, eat better, speak better, sleep better and feel their best. 


As Your Personal Dentist

  • Tongue Ties and Lip Ties
  • Modern dentistry practices and continuous advanced training
  • Holistic approach to treat the root cause of issue

Watch this short video to see the principles behind how Dr. Johal practices dentistry.

Words From Our Patients

Professional and Safe

Professional and Safe

Recently I had a dental issue that required urgent attention. Dr. Johal was able to help me very quickly. At the office Cheryl greeted me in her friendly way the only difference was she was in full PPE ! I instantly was welcomed and felt comfortable about coming in to the office. I was wearing my own personal cloth mask but the office has a mask for you to wear for before and after the procedure. Everything was the same. Friendly, professional care except I was the only one there. Dr Johal was dressed in full protective gear which included gloves, gown, mask and a face shield. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable as always and got right to work. I laughed when Dr. Johal and Cheryl were standing over me working on my tooth, sometimes they bumped heads with their big face shields because of the small space. Then we all laughed because I said with the big head gear and yellow gowns they looked like Minions! It was hilarious. I am so grateful for their care that day and always. They are working hard to prepare for having patients come in. Making sure the patients and staff will be protected.
Heather Bo
Life Changer

Life Changer

I had a tongue tie (lingual frenectomy) procedure done with Dr. Johal. The entire staff at Family Dental Care were so kind and great to deal with. They had just opened back up after COVID-19, and every precaution was taken to keep me and the staff safe. Dr. Johal and her assistant Jenny were both so amazing during the entire process! They went over everything with me before starting, and really took the time to listen to my story (I've had life-long issues due to the tongue tie, including neck pain, crooked teeth, jaw pain, rounded shoulders, sleep issues, etc). Dr. Johal is extremely knowledgeable, and it is very clear she stays well-informed and continues to educate herself in order to keep up with the changes in the field. She takes her time during the procedure, and she gave me lots of breaks, and checked on me constantly. She does not quit until she is satisfied with the end result, and makes sure you know what is going on the entire time. She and Jenny also give detailed instructions on the after-care, and what to expect pain-wise. She even gave me her cell phone number to reach her over the weekend - and I did, multiple times! She replied each time, and gave me great feedback and suggestions! I could feel muscles relaxing in my neck and jaw within minutes of my drive home. My tongue immediately wanted to stay on the roof of my mouth, something that I wasn't doing before. Now, 9 days after the procedure, I feel like a whole new person, I am sleeping so much better, I'm able to keep my mouth closed all the time, and even my poor posture is improving. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Johal if you have a tongue tie, she will change your life!
Sandra Jordan
Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

If you are looking for a place for your dental consultation, I would highly recommend Family Dental Care's Dr. Johal. I have experienced best in class! experience with her service. I needed some emergency help during the Victoria Day long weekend. It was Sunday morning and due to COVID 19, things were not in my favor at all. I was having a severe toothache and tried pain killers and gels to reduce the pain but all in vain. I searched online to find a dental clinic and found all of them were closed. Family Dental Care was the 2nd closest dental clinic from my place and after reading all the reviews, I decided to give them call to. To my utter surprise, the clinic had left the contact number of Dr. Johal for any sort of emergency. I called and left a VM and within 5 minutes, I received a call from Dr. Johal. She was very patient and asked me to describe the problem I was facing. She then asked for more questions and suggested couple of medicines. Within an hour of taking the prescribed medicine my toothache was gone. I was scheduled for an in-person consultation today and after full diagnosis she came up with the recommended treatment to avoid any such incidents for future. I was blown away by the professionalism of this place from all the employees. This clinic has one of the best atmosphere and they have taken several safety measures for the on-going COVID-19. Once again I would highly recommend Dr. Johal for any dental consultation. You won't be disappointed.
Reaz Huq

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