5 Ways Your Jaw Could Influence Your Posture

5 Ways Your Jaw Could Influence Your Posture Dr Mandeep Johal

5 Ways Your Jaw Could Influence Your Posture by Dr. Mandeep Johal

Check out my IG live with @posturepro where we discuss 5 ways your jaw could influence your posture:


Posture begins at the jaw and ends at the feet. This X-ray image shows a narrow airway and reduced cervical lordois (the curvature in the neck from the side). The jaw is angled down and back and has a poor jawline. In order to have proper posture, our jaws need to be in proper alignment.

As an airway dentist our focus is the airway and to help our patients correct their forward head posture. However, the feet are just as important. Poor foot posture causes misalignment in the body as well. We need to help our patients head to toe.

The good news is that both issues can be corrected affordably. Each case is unique so it is best to get a consultation from an expert. You can obtain more information about jaw posture by tuning into the live conversation link above. Regarding foot posture, you can learn about what happens when you “over pronate” when you are walking. This causes your ankles and your knees to improperly align, which can also lead to fatigue and pain. So properly designed insoles can correct the problem.

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