Tongue Tie Before and After Care

Tongue Tie Before and After Care Tips Dr Mandeep Johal
Tongue Tie Before After Care Baby Dr Mandeep Johal
Dr. Johal’s Tongue Tie Before and After Care

Tongue Tie Before and After Care.

This graphic highlights some of the before and after steps to consider when you are planning for a tongue tie release for your baby. A tongue tie release is also called a frenectomy.

A tongue tie is a condition present at birth that restricts the tongue’s range of motion.

“With tongue-tie, an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue (lingual frenulum) tethers the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth, so it may interfere with breast-feeding. Someone who has tongue-tie might have difficulty sticking out his or her tongue. Tongue-tie can also affect the way a child eats, speaks and swallows.” (Source: Mayo Clinic)

To correct this condition, a frenectomy (or tongue tie release) is needed. It is a quick and pain-free procedure that lasts only a few minutes.

In order to have a successful tongue tie release, before and after care is critical so the release goes smoothly and there is no re-attachment.

Before care is important because it prepares the baby for the procedure. It gets your baby familiar with the types of exercises and stretches that will have to be done after the release. Working with a chiropractor / osteopath is also beneficial because it helps release some tension in the body before doing the release, helping it go much smoother.

After care is just as important to ensure the tongue does not reattach. Doing the stretches is so so important! It’s also crucial to see a lactation consultant afterwards to make sure baby is latching properly. After a tongue tie release, the muscles and tongue need some guidance for optimal latching and tongue posture. Physical therapists or speech pathologists are also beneficial to see. Some babies need a little extra help and that’s okay!

A frenectomy is a process and it’s not a quick-fix solution, which is why before and after care are just as important.

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