Tonsil Removal and Myofunctional Therapy

Tonsil Removal and Myofunctional Therapy

Tonsil Removal and Myofunctional Therapy

What Are Tonsils and Adenoids?


Tonsils are either of two small masses of lymphoid tissue in the throat, one on each side of the root of the tongue.


Adenoids are a mass of enlarged lymphatic tissue between the back of the nose and the throat, often hindering speaking and breathing in young children.

What Are Tonsils And Adenoids For?

Tonsils and adenoids are part of the immune system in children. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids reduce or prevent nasal breathing. In addition, it can impede proper function of the soft palate and middle ear and may cause OSA. Enlarge tonsils and adenoids can be suspected if one has an open mouth posture, painful swallowing, tongue thrust, amongst other signs. Seeing an ENT and myofunctional therapist is important when enlarge tonsils and adenoids are present.

Problems with Enlarged Tonsils

Enlarged tonsils may lead to chronic open mouth posture, bad breath, mouth breathing, tongue thrust, and sleep disordered breathing. In addition, it may cause dental malocclusion and can affect jaw and facial development. Enlarged adenoids may also contribute to poor nasal breathing, chronic open mouth posture, sleep disorders, and ear infections.

❗️Did you know that the relapse rate for sleep apnea and airway constriction after tonsils and/or adenoids are removed is greater than 50%?

Tonsils and Myofunctional Therapy

Did you know Tonsil and Adenoid tissue can grow back after surgery? 👄

When a child has surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids because of frequent infections/inability to breathe through nose/sleep apnea. The immune tissue often regrows and the airway becomes affected again, and the problems and symptoms can return. This is why it is key to visit a myofunctional therapist after removing tonsils/ adenoids to help train the soft tissues of the face, neck, and mouth to function properly. This helps to ensure proper oral posture, swallowing pattern, nasal breathing. So this helps prevent regrowth of tonsil and adenoid tissue. It is also linked to a decrease in asthma and seasonal allergies.

Do you have enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids? How has it affected your life? Call or e-mail us today for a free consultation.

Tonsil Removal and Myofunctional Therapy

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